Facial Trauma

The effective treatment of facial trauma requires specialized training, experience, and an understanding of how a treatment will influence a patient’s long-term function and appearance.

Facial Trauma

At the Strawberry Hill Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Center you’ll also find compassion. We understand that facial trauma can impart a high degree of both physical and emotional effects on a patient’s well-being. We combine state-of-the art technologies with modern techniques to personalize treatment plans formulated to ensure an optimally functional outcome, with maximum aesthetic results.

An in-depth consultation and evaluation will allow us to determine your specific needs. As the word trauma indicates, “facial trauma” is a severe injury involving part of the face. Facial trauma can involve bone fractures, avulsed ( knocked out) teeth, soft tissue injury to the gums and/or skin, or damage caused to facial nerves, salivary glands or the eyes. Injury can be caused by falling, a motor-vehicle accident, assault, laceration, a sports accident, work-related injuries, etc. Recommended treatments may include soft tissue suturing, fracture stabilization, tooth extraction, tooth replantation, and more.

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Treatment of facial trauma covers:

  • Teeth that have been knocked out (Avulsed teeth)
  • Fractured upper or lower jaw
  • Fractures to eye socket, nose or cheek bones
  • Facial lacerations
  • Lacerations of the mouth (Intraoral lacerations)

Facial Trauma Reconstruction Surgery

Dr. Joseph Sciarrino is a highly specialized and skilled surgeon specializing in the treatment of facial trauma. It is important to note that even a small amount of facial trauma can result in serious health and dental concerns. Unfortunately, and surprisingly, a number of patients choose to ignore minor to moderate trauma when (and after) it occurs. This often results in debilitating (and frustrating) long-term effects. Patients may not even be aware as to why they are experiencing discomfort.

Failure to treat dental and facial trauma can lead to the following, longer term problems:

  • Loss of Functionality: When teeth have sustained trauma, they may become loose in their sockets, causing eating and speaking to become increasingly more difficult.
  • Bite/Jaw Irregularities: Teeth can become severely misaligned after trauma which can lead to TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder) and other complications.

We will begin by conducting a thorough examination utilizing Panoramic 3D Imaging in order to determine the precise condition of your afflicted area. We can then personalize a treatment plan designed to ensure an optimally functional outcome, with maximum aesthetic results.


If facial bones have sustained fractures, or have broken, surgery will likely be required to correct the condition. Soft tissue lacerations should be treated immediately by way of suturing. In cases where a tooth has physically been “knocked out” of the mouth, there exists a possibility of reinserting it. The more expeditiously a re-insertion or replantation can be performed, the greater the likelihood the natural tooth will survive. Should your tooth lack the ligaments necessary for replantation, dental implants may be your best option to restore both functionality and aesthetic appearance.

After surgery, pain medication(s) will be prescribed as necessary. We will also provide post-treatment advice for your recovery.


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